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Bito is a Tennessee native who has lived from coast to coast, and returned to Tennessee more than four years ago. Having experienced the housing markets in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. he is prepared to help others navigate the growing, competitive market in the greater Nashville area. Taking lessons learned from numerous real estate transactions, he brings a high level of integrity and attention to detail. Bito truly enjoys uncovering issues prior to a home inspection report to minimize surprises, and helping homeowners decipher emotional versus informed decisions. When he is not serving clients to help them find or sell their homes, he keeps busy navigating life with his wife, seven- year-old son, five-year- old daughter, and baby on the way in Franklin, Tennessee. In addition to real estate, Bito has a passion for fitness, motorcycles, music, and flying.

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"As a Realtor in Tennessee I am committed to helping you and yours find the right home! As well as sell your current house at the optimal price!" 


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