California to Tennessee

If you haven't noticed there's a major influx of Californians moving to Tennessee. It can be shocking coming from primary markets and seeing the housing prices in our market initially. You might think "wow, I can get so much square footage for so little!" Hold on cowboy/cowgirl one has to take that mindset and throw it out the window (figuratively of course, littering is bad:). While it is true that the cost of living in the greater Nashville area can be significantly less than major markets on "the left coast" especially places like Los Angeles and San Diego, one has to consider true market value in our great state of TN.    

With some 30,000-ish jobs per year created and one-hundred (or more) people moving to Middle Tennessee per day, Nashville is one of THE hottest and fastest growing housing markets in the U.S. and I am your guide; here to help you navigate the middle Tennessee markets!

Bito MannComment